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Decades Of Experience In California Family Law

Laws and practices governing divorce, property division, child custody and financial support have gone through many significant changes in recent decades, and my firm, the Law Offices of Bruce A. Moss, has been there through them all. I have been practicing family law in Southern California for almost 40 years, and I remain just as committed to my clients today as I was when I first began practicing in the late 1970s.

My dedication to client well-being is matched only by my dedication to the community where I live and work. I have been a volunteer and fundraiser for important causes throughout my career, including raising money for cancer research on behalf of Concern Foundation and City of Hope. By putting on some 50 golf tournaments over the past several decades, it has been my honor to raise more than $1 million for charitable organizations throughout this time.

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Offering Comprehensive Representation And Seeking Peaceful Resolutions

Family law cases are often an interconnected web of legal matters requiring resolution (such as a divorce also triggering a custody case and child support, for instance). During this difficult time, you shouldn’t need to hire more than one attorney to help you resolve your legal matters. And when you contact my firm, you won’t have to.

I am also a firm believer in helping clients resolve their legal issues peacefully and efficiently. Divorce and custody are often described using terms like “battle,” but they don’t have to be this way. I’m proud to say that I have a 90% success rate in helping clients reach a negotiated settlement agreement, saving time, money, stress and frustration.

How Can I Help You? Contact My Firm To Learn More.

After almost 40 years in operation, the Law Offices of Bruce A. Moss has handled nearly every kind of family law case, including divorces involving high-profile clients and divorces involving significant and complex assets. No matter what your needs are, however, chances are good that I can help you and your children. To discuss your legal needs during an initial consultation, call my office in West Hills at 888-573-0589. You can also reach me via email.