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Family Law Orders May Need To Be Modified Or Enforced

Court orders issued in a family law case are generally regarded as final and backed by the force of law. But what happens when one party fails to comply with an order? And, is it ever possible to modify an order for child support, child custody, or spousal support which no longer adequately serves its intended purpose? Thankfully, in addition to issuing orders, courts have the power to both enforce them (if they are not being followed) and to modify them when there is a change in circumstances.

Changing Situations May Require Changes To Court Orders

For instance, there may be a situation where your former spouse refuses to execute documents necessary to transfer title to property awarded to you. There may be other compliance problems as well, related to matters such as the payment of a sum provided for in the judgment to equalize the division of community property or the division of a pension plan. One party can also seek help enforcing a custody order, spousal support order or child support order if the other party refuses to comply.

Child support and spousal support sometimes need to be modified to reflect the changing financial circumstances of each party and the changing needs of children. In order to bring a post-judgment request for a change, the party seeking the change needs to show a change in circumstances (a legal reason) why the court should order a change in support.

Call For Help With Post-Judgment Matters

Whether there is an issue of a post-judgment modification of spousal support, child support, or child custody, or an issue relating to the enforcement of the terms of the judgment, either to collect support or other issues, the Law Offices of Bruce A. Moss will help you determine what steps need to be taken to enforce and protect your rights. Call 888-573-0589 to discuss your situation with an attorney or please fill out this contact form with your information.