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How To Determine Child Custody

Child custody matters are often the most difficult aspect of any family law case. Nearly everyone wants what is best for the children, but how is that measured? And who decides?

Most parents are able to work out a reasonable custody schedule once they have decided to separate (and sometimes older children will work it out for them). But there are times when this difficult issue cannot be quickly resolved. It is not unusual for a “disconnected” parent to suddenly realize that they should be involved in their children’s lives, and this can create strife with the caregiving parent. It is also common for one parent to distrust the capabilities and devotions of the other.

Under California law, courts are required to make custody decisions “in the best interest of the child.” Part of this determination is based upon the policy in California of a child having “frequent and continuing contact” with both parents unless the court determines there are circumstances which exist that would be detrimental to the minor children.

My Experienced Guidance Can Work For You

The Law Offices of Bruce A. Moss is cognizant of these situations and experienced with the many legal requirements that must be considered to meet a minor child’s needs, including modification of existing custody orders, when appropriate. If necessary, we will consult with mental health professionals to help us determine what is best for the parties and the child. The court must look out for the welfare and safety of minor children in determining custody issues. It is our job to present the situation to the court on your behalf with these concepts in mind.

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