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3 things to agree on in a child custody matter

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Child Custody |

Custody agreements outside court are becoming common as years go by. Divorcing parents are gravitating towards negotiations as compared to battling in court. They choose to develop parenting plans that work for their unique situations.

This guide discusses three things you should agree on in a child custody matter. They include:

1. The child’s living arrangements

You and your co-parent should agree on who will live with the kids primarily. The decision may be based on each parent’s ability to be with them for an extended period. For instance, a parent who travels a lot for work may not be the best option for primary custody. Nonetheless, since every family is unique, you and your spouse should consider crucial factors to determine the most suitable home for your kid(s).

2. A visitation schedule

The parent who will not have primary custody will have a visitation schedule that both of you will develop based on the child’s age and daily schedule. You may decide on whether the other parent will come to visit the kids in the primary home or they will go to the new home. 

3. Where the parents will live

Another thing to agree on is where each parent will live. The parent with primary custody may remain in the family home, or they can also move out. 

Discussing where each parent lives is crucial, especially when the kids are younger. It can be unrealistic for a young child to travel across town every other day to visit the other parent. Having both parents live within the current school district may be reliable. However, if one of you wants to move far, you can always explore solutions like e-visitation.

Custody agreements don’t need to be challenging. You and the other parent can agree on vital factors with experienced legal guidance, making your experience smoother.