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My name is Bruce A. Moss, and I’ve been helping individuals file for divorce for almost 40 years. My goal is to help individuals dissolve their marriage with honesty, efficiency and warmth.

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Divorce Can Bring Freedom And Independence

For some, divorce can be one of the most difficult decisions they make. However, it can also bring a newfound freedom as you begin the next chapter of your life. Whether you know what the next step looks like or you’re not sure how to proceed, I can help.

At my firm, the Law Offices of Bruce A. Moss, I have helped individuals file for the dissolution of their marriage for almost 40 years. I can answer your questions, explain the legal process and help you confidently begin the next stage of your life.

Civil Discussions Lead To Amicable Decisions

Making decisions about a child’s future can be one of the most contentious discussions during a divorce. Not only will both parties discuss where the child grows up and goes to school, but also where they spend holidays, what religion they practice, and whether or not financial support is warranted.

While these discussions can be difficult, my goal is to keep them as amicable as possible so that the child feels supported by both parents going forward. Working together can help the parents and the child feel heard and respected throughout the divorce process. Although you and your spouse may be divorcing, your children will always be part of your life.

Making Difficult Child And Spousal Support Decisions Easier

Transitioning from a two-income household to a single income means thinking about your budgets and financial security differently. I understand how difficult these conversations can be and I want to help you be successful.

Whether you may need spousal support, or your former spouse is asking you to provide spousal support, I can evaluate your situation to come up with a solution. In addition, if you share children with your former spouse, I can help you determine a child support agreement that works for your whole family.

How Can A Pre-Marital Or Post-Nuptial Agreement Help You?

There are a variety of misconceptions regarding pre- and post-nuptial agreements. Some people think they may only be for wealthy individuals, while others believe it’s planning for failure. Neither of these is true. A pre-martial or post-nuptial agreement merely provides guidelines for situations that many marriages encounter.

For example, it can protect intellectual property, protect your business interests and ensure any children from a previous marriage receive future inheritance. Whether you are engaged or already married, I can help you determine if an agreement is the right choice for your situation.

Striving To Help My Community Thrive

I’ve been helping clients resolve legal issues that affect their family for almost 40 years. Throughout that time, I’ve achieved a 90% success rate of reaching negotiated settlement agreements, and I have handled high-profile cases with efficacy.

I work hard to not only be an advocate for my clients, but also an advocate for my community. I have volunteered with City of Hope and the Concern Foundation, both of which raise money for cancer research. I have also raised over $1 million for charity over the last 30 years by putting on approximately 50 golf tournaments. Today, I volunteer as a settlement officer for the Los Angeles County Bar Association Family Law Mediation Program. I also volunteer for the Los Angeles LGBT Center family law clinic.

In everything I do, I strive for efficiency, honesty and the best results possible.

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